Sunday, October 18, 2009

How Tooth Whitening To Keep White Teeth

In this article, you will find information regarding foods that are bad for your teeth and why this is so.

While savoring delicious candy bars and scarfing down potato chips, the effects these things are having on their teeth never crosses the minds of most people. You might be shocked to learn which foods are bad for your teeth and which foods are even worse. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria, nasty organisms that live and thrive in your mouth. Unless you care for your teeth properly, bacteria will gorge themselves on plaque, the sticky substance that often remains on your teeth after you eat or drink anything. Some foods tend to deposit more plaque than others, while some foods actually fight the bacteria that cause tooth decay. To keep your teeth in great condition you must brush and floss regularly, but you should also eat certain foods and avoid others, whenever possible.

Many people believe that candy is the primary cause of tooth decay, but in reality any food that contains carbohydrates will cause plaque on your teeth. Potato chips can contribute largely to tooth decay. Potato chips leave plaque on teeth which bacteria feast on voraciously. Candy, along with any food that contains sugar, can promote tooth decay, but bacteria love carbohydrates. Of course, sugar is one type of carbohydrate, but potato based items provide the primary source of carbohydrates. If you do not brush your teeth each time you have potato chips or candy, the bacteria will have the opportunity to produce harmful acids in your mouth. If you do not stay away from foods that contain lots of carbohydrates, you will most likely have some type of tooth decay. You can fight bacteria by conscientiously brushing your teeth, but unless you take your toothbrush with you everywhere, bacteria will always be munching away.

Soda and coffee are thought by some experts to be instrumental in causing tooth decay. Although that may be true, the only thing that studies have proven with regard to coffee and sodas is that they WILL cause tooth stains unless proper care is taken. It is possible to purchase teeth whitening products that will help lighten the stains. And any over the counter product should provide similar results. It has never been simpler to whiten your teeth at home. Aside from causing stains, soda has not been shown to be any worse for your teeth than candy.

You can avoid tooth decay if you are very selective about the things you put in your mouth. If you take good care of your teeth and are vigilant about what you eat, you can be  certain that cavities and gum disease will never be issues for you. I realize that you will never totally give up candy and potato chips, but if you can limit the amount of these foods that you eat, you stand to benefit substantially. If you find it impossible to avoid them, your teeth whitening efforts will have to be diligent.

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